29 May 2008

on beauty: kiss my face obsessively organic

on the quest to find a daily beauty regimen without all of the nasty crap in it, i came across the kiss my face obsessively organic product line. they have a whole mess of products to cover all of your cleansing, moisturizing, toning, anti-aging, and spf'ing needs. overall, i think they're great. they work well with my sensitive skin, they're paraben-free, they're not tested on animals, and like the name suggests, they're made with organic ingredients.

the one problem i have with them is that the only part of the packaging that's recyclable is the box, not the tubes.

here are the products i've tried so far, accompanied by their skindeep hazard score (what's skindeep?) which ranges from 0 to 10, with 10 being highly hazardous:

under age daily moisturizer

  • the scent is divine (and i'm super-sensitive about scent)
  • it's really light and goes on smoothly
  • hazard score: 2
eyewitness undereye cream
  • reduces the puffiness under the eyes
  • blends in easily
  • hazard score: 2
so refined jojoba & mint facial
(more like a scrub)
  • the minty-freshness feels nice and a bit tingly
  • gentle enough to use almost everyday
  • hazard score: 2
break out acne gel
  • this stuff really works! i put it on a pimple a couple of times a day and it was gone within 2 days
  • it absorbs into the skin pretty quickly
  • hazard score: 2
c the change, ester c serum
  • i've only dabbled in using this one, but it's got a great citrus scent
  • my skin felt a little smoother where i applied it as well
  • hazard score: 2
where can i get me some of these?
click the links above to buy from Amazon

and for you brick-and-mortar types who live in nyc, ricky's has 'em, too.

setting intentions

welcome to the first edition of supereco.
so what's it all about?
everyone who hasn't been living in a bunker underground for the last few years has heard about "green," "eco-friendly," "sustainable," or "LOHAS*" and nowadays there's a wealth of info out there on the subject. i hope to support all of these great resources out there which help us reduce our negative impact on the planet and our health. i'll be posting things like product reviews, tips, and the latest news on all things eco-friendly.

supereco: listen to your conscience, it's telling you to preserve your health, serve the planet, and conserve our natural resources.

*LOHAS=lifestyles of health and sustainability. check it out here.