06 October 2009

focusing on permaculture

[design by Andrew Jeeves]

Some of you already know that I'm in the midst of pursuing a permaculture design certificate (or PDC, more about it here). In order to focus on my studies and design project, I will be posting a little bit less for the next few weeks.

For now, I'll leave you with a little taste of what I've been learning.

rainwater harvesting

Small-scale rainwater catchment (60 gallons) at Miracle Garden

1,000 gallon rainwater catchment system at Dias y Flores Community Garden

You can learn step-by-step how to build a rainwater harvesting system from the Water Resources Group.


Compost pile at Dias y Flores

learn-as-you-go solutions

After a big rainfall event that overfilled the 1,000 gallon system, Lars Chellberg and Lenny Labrizzi of Water Resources Group created this overflow diversion

toxic remediation and community building

Paula Hewitt Amram of Open Road NY describes how this pond filters rainwater to prevent combined sewer overload (CSO) events as well as keep trash out of the river. Aside from completely remediating this toxic site (once a bus depot with underground oil tanks that polluted the school next door), Paula actively fosters the skate park next door (as well as other parks) where young skaters and other community members help with cleanup of the community garden

Not your ordinary sewer grate. Under it are cisterns that hold the water on site to prevent sewer overflow