24 July 2008

in search of a natural deodorizer

I need a deodorizer that doesn't just mask a smell with a lingering chemical odor. Specifically, I need something to get the stink out of my yoga mat. I've heard plain white vinegar will do the trick. According to the Green Goddess, a spritz of straight vodka will take care of the smell and kill the germs. She also says that 1 cup of water and 20 drops of essential oils like lavendar, tea tree oil, or lemon oil can handle it, but I don't have any of those on hand.

Maybe I'll try the vodka, though it does seem like a waste of good spirit. Spritz for mat, swig for me...
I'll let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: I couldn't bring myself to spill good vodka, so I gave my mat a bath of equal parts white vinegar and water (I happen to have a huge jug of white vinegar around just for cleaning purposes). It may have worked for now, but I fear I'll have to repeat this little process every time I use the mat, which is 3 times a week -- in a hot, sweaty bikram yoga studio. I may be investing in some tea tree oil; the spray solution will be easier and less wasteful of water.

little guardians of the lamp post

Funny what you notice when you actually take the time to listen.

Chirp chirp chirp.
A constant chorus of very demanding voices. Chirp chirp chirp! Where is that coming from?
Look up, in that metal tube perched high atop the pedestrian crossing lamp post. A sparrow feeding her babies.
Even in this bustling urban landscape there lies a tiny treasure trove of wildlife. In the city, the winged ones make do.
It's no anomaly. I've witnessed at least two more avian accommodations like it, on the same busy street.
In New York, we've got our own version of nature.

(Sparrow and Chick on Tube, Gary Roberts)