28 July 2008

little things add up

I try not to use disposable things, but sometimes you need a toothpick or cotton swab. For those times, try these products:

Preserve Toothpicks, Mint tea tree flavor

  • Made from sustainably harvested wood
  • Natural flavoring, also available in Cinnamint
  • Packaged in a pocket-size 100% recycled canister
Organic Essentials Cotton Swabs
  • Made from organic cotton, the sticks are biodegradable and compostable
  • Packaging is recycled and recyclable
Organic Essentials Cotton Balls
  • Made from certified organic cotton
Preserve Triple Blade Razor, with refillable
  • Made with 100% plastic recycled from yogurt cups
  • Titanium coated triple blades with Vitamin E and aloe lubricating strip
  • Replacement blades available in packs of 4
  • Handle also works with Personna® Acti-Flexx® and Gillette® Sensor® blades
Preserve Toothbrush
  • Handle made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Packaging is recyclable and doubles as a travel case
  • Send your toothbrush back to Recycline to spare it from the trash heap
  • Preserve Jr. also available for kids