13 July 2008

energy boost

I'm feeling a little lethargic today, but here are some promising developments in renewables to boost my energy, via Gizmodo.

Windows open up to improved solar energy
Engineers at MIT have developed windows that collect sunlight and concentrate the energy at their edges for more efficient (and cheaper) energy capture. They came up with the idea after thinking the same principles from laser and organic light-emitting diode technology -- where different dyes are used to absorb and transport light -- could apply to gathering solar energy. So in the future, instead of having to pile solar panels on your roof or in your yard, your seemingly ordinary windows will collect the energy. [Physorg via Gizmodo]

An image is worth a thousand wind farms
Global satellite imaging from NASA map out where the winds gust strongest, making it easier to determine where wind farms should be placed. The plan is to implement offshore wind farms, floating in the open ocean, which are less impactful on the environment.
[NASA via Treehugger via Gizmodo]