17 April 2009

listen to this man

Van Jones on Focus the Nation

pier observations

Two boys kiss
Muscleheads sun
Dogs get relief

Girl sips lemonade
Strollers align
Moms picnic on the lawn

A pick-up spot
A tanning salon
A dog run
A lunchtime refuge
A gym

A place for watching
A place to rest your eyes
A place for grass to grow

Sparrows perched under the bench
They see that I see them,
They flee

Hello sea gull
Hello water fowl

JC to the west
HH to the east
WTC was south
Chopper overhead

Tip of the ESB over my shoulder

A plane descends for Newark
Sky meets land

Bicycles, rollerblades, scooters
Sailboats, ferries, yachts
Man-made land meets river meets sea

Men in skirts or no shirts
Tank tops, flip flops, boots, coats
Winter meets summer

Labs, poms, mutts, a Chinese crested
Tourists, locals, straight, and gay

All colors and stripes meet here
At Christopher Street Pier

(Not my shot... image via NewYorkDailyPhoto)

afternoon thrift shop find

On my way back from lunch at the Christopher Street pier, I decided to pop up into St Luke's Thrift Shop on Hudson St (South of Christopher) when I saw the sign out front announcing "dresses on sale, 50% off."

I walked through the door and the first thing I saw was this adorable early 60s style red dress with white polka dots. I took a look at the back and that's what got me.

"Try it on," said the lady working there. "It's so cute, and look, it's new." The tags were still on it. Such is the way of ladies of means - buying dresses, never wearing them, then donating them to a thrift shop. I can't say I'm not completely innocent of this. At least one pair of shoes in my closet have met the sidewalk only once or twice.

I tried it on and it fit perfectly. The tag said $40, but I got it for $20. Thrifty is nifty.

big sale on edun duds @ greenloop

Now at Greenloop, get 50 to 75% off ethically and ecologically minded clothing line Edun - the brainchild of Ali Hewson and Bono (with some help from New York clothing designer Rogan Gregory).

Por ejemplo:

Men's Eclipse jeans were $175, you can get 'em for $79.99 (save $95.01, hey every penny counts!)

Ladies' Calliope dress was $325, now $169.99 (that's $155.01 off, yeow!)

Get 'em @ Greenloop while the gettin' is good.