04 September 2008

our next car?

It's not the Prius. But it kinda looks like that beloved hybrid. Maybe it's a little cuter (at least my bf thinks so, I happen to like the Prius).

Regardless, it's the new Honda Insight 3 and it's being publicly revealed at the Paris Motor Show next month. The one shown above is a concept, but Honda plans on having it in showrooms on Earth Day next year (that's April 22nd to those who haven't been paying attention for the last 38 years), so it shouldn't change all that much.

If the looks don't get 'em, the price tag should have Prius-lovers changing their minds -- the Insight 3 starts at $19,000 and is said to get 60 mpg.

[Via Wired Honda's Got Prius Envy. Great title, no?]

cozy up to a cup

I love alliteration. I also really like multi-functioning things. The coffee cup cozy cuff fits both categories. It saves paper, it keeps your paws from getting scorched, and you can wear it. So simple, yet so brilliant.

I've seen knit or crocheted versions, quilty fabric versions, even pricey $70 wooden ones. You can make one with your own little hands if you're so inclined.

Try it!
Here are some patterns in various media:

Buy it!
If you're not crafty, or just don't have time to make one for yourself, here are some you can purchase with money:

The Cozy Corset Cuff
(available in many patterns and colors)

Frowny Joe Cozy by Monkey Travel Club
(this one's for you, Amy! It's also available in a happier mood)

Cable Knit Cozy by Pink Petal Designs
(also available in other colors)

Bacon Buddy Cuff by Ity Bity Bags
(sizzle, sizzle!)

...And a whole lot more on Etsy.

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