07 July 2008

plastic pile

I have a confession. I have a large collection of plastic that can't be recycled in NYC. Mostly #6 (PS or polystyrene) and some #5 (polypropylene) objects are piling up in our "office" (aka, second bedroom; aka, junk room). Coffee cup lids, containers that held mushrooms, yogurt containers -- I can't get myself to throw them away. I have a big project in mind for them, but yesterday I was thinking, maybe there's a place I can send this stuff to be recycled.

And I found out today, there is! Thanks to Ideal Bite, I found out that Park Slope Food Co-op in Brooklyn will be happy to take my #5s and some of my number #4s (although these aren't as common) to send to Recycline. As I've mentioned before, they have a partnership with this maker of Preserve products. So the plastics that were destined to go to the dump (or the ocean) are now the stuff of toothbrushes, razors, and other household goods.

Now what to do with those #6s?

made in my backyard

It's nice to see when things are made close to home. While I can't be sure of the origins of their components, at least I know these finished products don't have far to ship. Check out some quality Made-in-Brooklyn goods courtesy of, funnily enough, Manhattan User's Guide.

And a few more Brooklyn-made goods:

robot love

Robots aren't always so cute. Think RoboCop, Terminator, HAL (well, I guess he's technically a computer). But what about Number 5 (Short Circuit), V.I.C.I (Small Wonder, okay, she was annoying), Twiki, or Artoo-Detoo?

In the cuteness department, WALL-E's got 'em all beat. He's freaking adorable. And not only is this fictional, computer-generated animation cute, the story surrounding him is an allegory about what we're doing to the environment. Could it get any better?

I don't want to give anything away, so go out and see it!