18 May 2009

my weekend in pictures


The bluebell hyacinths were in full bloom at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

Chris Roddick, Brooklyn Botanic Garden's chief arborist, teaches us how to plant companions for street trees in the Trees NY Citizen Pruner course. This clematis will climb the trunk - but care needs to be taken to prevent it from encroaching on the canopy (it'll deprive the leaves of light and hide potential damage to the tree).

Mulching is a group effort.

A fellow student uses the pole saw to prune an oak tree. Don't try this without your Citizen Pruner certificate!

You may have to squint, but the leader branches (those at the top) are co-dominant stems, which could be a problem for this tree in the future.

These brilliant azaleas were at the end of their bloom.


After brunch, I brought some friends to Green Depot to check out their cleaning product refill station.

An edible green wall caught my eye when walking passed Valcucine.

Strawberries ripe for the picking. Hmmm... I want to try this at home.

My friend Jane had to drop off her bike for repairs and this beauty was outside: the electric hybrid Ultramotor A2B bike.

Same friend Jane lives in The Solaire. I asked for a tour of the building's green roof.

A rooftop oasis awaits...

Green roofs provide habitat for birds and butterflies...

They keep buildings cool in summer and insulated in winter...

They prevent storm water run-off and heat island effect...

And there just so darn inviting. If it were a nicer day I don't think I would've wanted to leave.

Another green building, The Verdesian across the way.

And for the green dwelling trifecta, The TriBeCa Green.

The park they all share below. It's much more intriguing when you're down there (sorry I missed that photo op).

Back on terra firma, a sign for the latest car-sharing service, Mint, caught my eye. (Move over zipcar, now there's something fresher...)

NYC is slowly becoming more bike-friendly. Sans bicycle, I rode the subway home.