30 December 2008

very last minute tax-deductible giving

Tomorrow's the last day of 2008 and also the last day to make tax-deductible donations to your favorite cause for this tax year. Here are a few of my favorites that I've given to over the years, hopefully you will adopt them, too.

Energy and economy

Green for All
If you haven't heard of the Green Jobs Movement, here's your chance to invest in the next biggest industry which will both boost the economy and preserve the planet

Rocky Mountain Institute
Creating clean energy and supporting sustainable development are at the core of RMI's mission -- based on the founding principle of "Natural Capitalism," a new and rapidly spreading business model that harnesses environmental performance as an engine of competitive advantage

Putting an end to mountaintop removal coal mining and supporting the Appalachian people and environment from the destructive effects of this industry are the goals of this org

Community and the environment

Green Map
Participants of green mapmaking help make communities more aware of the green and sustainable resources available to them. I personally have a thing for maps in general, so I love the idea of smashing the ecological and cartographical worlds together

Brooklyn Greenway Initiative
The Brooklyn Greenway will be a 14-mile recreation and transportation path connecting the coastal communities of Brooklyn -- from Greenpoint to Sunset Park. It will provide bikers with a safe and enjoyable path on which to pedal

Brooklyn Center for Urban Environment
The city has a unique natural environment that might not be readily recognizable. BCUE introduces the community to this environment through education, tours, and events

Natural resources and animal protection

Conservation International
Defending natural resources and precious habitat so that all creatures can thrive is part of CI's mission

Farm Sanctuary
A friend to farm animals, Farm Sanctuary is a public advocate and educator, and serves as a shelter for abused or rescued farm animals

World Wildlife Fund
An advocate of wildlife, WWF conserves habitat and preserves species from endangerment and extinction

The Nature Conservancy
Through the Nature Conservancy you can adopt an acre in the US, plant a tree in Brazil, or give a gift membership to someone you know cares about this great planet on which we live

Union of Concerned Scientists
They provide real science and solutions for the environmental issues we face today -- genetically modified crops, climate change, pollution -- they cover it all

Human rights

Amnesty International
They're committed to the rights, dignity, and well-being of all humans on this earth, and right now they're matching donations (eg, you give $50 and the donation becomes $100)

CARE fights global poverty by empowering women who thereby help their families and communities