05 April 2009

toms = awesome

TOMS shoes not only look super cool, they help people, too. If you don't know their business practice it's this: for every TOMS shoe you buy, a pair is given to shoeless, poverty stricken people who would otherwise be vulnerable to disease.

If that doesn't move you, watch the following video. And if that doesn't move you, you might be missing something (it's called a heart).

my l.o.v.e. (live organic vegan experience)

I've had vegetarian days, vegan meals, and raw food snacks. But I've never done anything like this before.

Those of you who know me or follow this blog know that I eat meat. And for those of you who are in the same boat, this might seem a little strange to you. Tomorrow (Monday) it begins. My 5 day experiment with raw, vegan food. From morning til evening that's all I'll consume.

Being that I'm a newbie to the raw thing, I've decided to take the easy route and have all of my meals prepared for me. The chefs at Organic Avenue, healthful living emporium based in the Lower East Side, will be working their magic with organic veggies, fruits, and nuts.

So some of you might ask, why the heck are you doing this?

A few reasons:

Acid reflux - I've had it on and off for a few years and have gone down the pharmaceutical path (begrudgingly), experiencing temporary relief only to face it again without knowing the trigger. If I eliminate all of the usual dietary suspects - dairy, meat, alcohol - I'm hoping I can target the guilty party.

Spring detox - It's like spring cleaning, but for your insides. Detoxing after the long sleepy winter is supposed to awaken the body's digestive system and might even help prevent or lessen allergy symptoms.

Plain ol' curiosity - I like new experiences. Plus, I know vegans and raw foodists who swear by it. It's only 5 days, so why not try it out?

Timing - My real love is out of town this week on business, so I won't be tempted by his omnivoric dietary leanings.

I'll be posting my daily experiences with the fast (aka L.O.V.E. easy). I'm anticipating some gripes, groans, and grumbles. However, I hope by the end of the week I'll be bouncing about and aglow with euphoric energy. Stay tuned!