16 June 2009

blogging for brooklyn food coalition

I'm psyched. I'm part of an amazing movement that's happening in Brooklyn right now. It started with the Brooklyn Food Conference (well, I guess it started months before the BFC, by those great people that planned and organized that incredible event). It's taken on new life as the Brooklyn Food Coalition, and it has the power to change the way people in this borough (and city, and nation) eat, for the better.

My part in this whole thing is specifically participating in neighborhood meetings, especially meetings in my own neighborhood, and blogging about it.

Check out my first post on the Brooklyn Food Conference/Coalition website

And in related news...
New food co-ops coming to Brooklyn
If you live in Park Slope or any of the surrounding neighborhoods, you probably know about the Park Slope Food Co-op. It's a thriving cooperative business that provides a community of participants with healthful food choices, including locally sourced produce. Well, it seems other neighborhoods in Brooklyn are seeking a similar arrangement. As I mention in the BFC post, new co-ops are springing up in other parts of Brooklyn. That's good news for small farms in the New York area, for the local economy, and of course for Brooklyn residents. When I wrote the post, I didn't know about a new Bay Ridge food co-op that's forming, but I was quickly informed. (See email message below). So if you live in Bay Ridge and are interested in becoming a member, check out their website, sign up for their newsletter, check them out on Twitter (@thefoodcoop), get involved!

Hi Liz - just saw your piece on the Brooklyn Food Conference site, and thought I'd get in touch. I'm coordinating the effort to bring a food co-op to Bay Ridge, and sat on the food co-op panel at the conference, alongside Greene Hill, Kalabash and others. I wanted you to know a little bit about us too.

The Bay Ridge Food Co-op has a database in excess of 700 people, and is now moving to start collecting membership equity from people, we've made as much progress as the other co-ops you've mentioned. Like all the nascent co-ops though, we need help to drive membership, and if you do anything on co-ops again, it would be great to get a mention...

Best wishes,
David Marangio

rally for bees, please!

By now most people know that we need bees in order to have healthy food crops. Not to mention that bees produce a delicious sweetener with health benefits called honey.

But did you know that beekeeping is illegal in NYC?

Help legalize the bees by taking action.

Come to the rally at City Hall on June 23!

A Notice of Violation for having honeybees was issued on May 20 to a backyard beekeeper in Brooklyn by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, whose health code renders beekeeping illegal in NYC. The beekeeper's hearing will be on June 23rd, let's send a strong message of support for her and other brave beekeepers in NYC, and tell City Council and the Department of Health to take immediate action to end the illegality of beekeeping in NYC!

When: Tuesday, June 23th at 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM


  • Press conference & rally with beekeepers, bee supporters, and David Yassky and other Council Members will be held at City Hall steps at 12:30
  • Beekeeper Citation Hearing will be at NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene's Administrative Tribunal, 66 John Street, 11th Floor at 1:30
Please RSVP with subject line "bee rally" to nadia@justfood.org.

Sign the petition to legalize beekeeping

It's easy, just click here!

[via Just Food]