22 August 2008

water, water, everywhere...

Maybe not for long. Warning: This may be a downer of a post, but there are things you can do (keep reading).

I've been wanting to write about water for a while now. Water conservation is something I think about a lot. As the climate changes there will be fewer and fewer sources of fresh water. Out West, they're turning to desalination and toilet-to-tap to keep up with water supply demands. We continually pollute our water with agricultural chemicals and waste, pharmaceuticals, and domestic waste. Only in "civilized" nations do we hose down our sidewalks and water our lawns with potable water. I see it everyday. It greatly disturbs me. And now there's a movie to scare the be-jesus out of you. It's called "Flow." Check out the trailer below.

What you can do

Check out water conservation tips here.

Get some water conservation tools, like The Toilet Tank Bank and Shower Coach Timer.

If you've got a lawn, get yourself a rain barrel.