09 June 2009

food rules: events coming (really) soon!

Food. We can't live without it. This fact is especially clear to two disparate groups: the impoverished and the powerful (i.e., big agro-biz). And because of this (and other reasons), our current food system is pretty messed up. Learn how you can get involved by supporting local food and getting informed with these events, from film screenings to bee celebrating.

Brooklyn Food Coalition neighborhood meetings
Starting Wednesday, June 10

The recent Brooklyn Food Conference held in Park Slope Brooklyn, a wildly successful event brimming with valuable information on how to secure healthy food for all has spawned these neighborhood gatherings to help people get involved in food policy and other food-related action. Find out if your neighborhood is hosting one and when it's happening at the BFC website.

Food, Inc. (the film)
Wednesday, June 10
@ Bell House

An eye-opening look at the current state of the creation of modern food. This looks like a must see, for sure. Too bad it's happening at the same time as my neighborhood BFC meeting!
Here's a little preview:

Watch the official trailer
Get tickets
[via Brooklyn Based]

We Feed The World (another film)
Thursday, June 11
@ The Be-Hive
(55 Bethune St #215)

$10.00 suggested donation
Doors Open at 6:30 pm, screening begins at 7pm
Bring a dish for a Potluck Supper!
Stay for the discussion after the film

In case one disturbing food film isn't enough for you - A sobering portrait of the people who define the contemporary food industry, where the constant pursuit of profit takes precedence over the health of the workers, the hungry & the environment. (Austria-96 min)

The trailer is in German, but you'll get the idea:

Learn more about the event here.

NB - If you can't make it to the screening, this one's on DVD, and I think the whole movie is available online here.

Celebrate Pollinator Week
with Just Food
Monday, June 22 to Sunday, June 28

In honor of our hard-working, winged friends, Just Food and the Pollinator Week Planning Committee are pulling together a whole series of sweet events in order to raise awareness and support for urban beekeeping. We hope you'll join us:

Beekeepers Ball
Monday, June 22
Water Taxi Beach - South Street Seaport
(Pier 17 - 89 South St)
I'm getting buzzed just thinking about it (ha!)...
A not-to-be missed evening of sweetness and buzz... Indulge in the nectar of honey-infused cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and waggle dance the night away.
Find out more and get your tickets here.

New York Nectar
All week long
Mmmmm, I'm getting hungry!
Signature Pollinator Week dishes & drinks featuring local honey at New York's favorite restaurants, including: Back 40, Bobo, Jimmy's No. 43, Mae Mae Cafe, Palo Santo, Rose Water, Savoy and many more!

Honey Fest
Friday, June 26
@Union Square
A full day of fun at Union Square Greenmarket! Come enjoy tastings, demonstrations, and costumed antics in the park - and don't forget to pick up some local honey while you're there!

And stay tuned - there's more to come!
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All summer long
Throughout the city
An experiment in urban agriculture...

invites you to participate in this public art project and micro farming installation by artist Leah Gauthier for one growing season in New York City, Summer 2009. Leah will be using organic growing methods to plant rare and endangered heirloom vegetables and herbs, and to cultivate wild edibles on 17 parcels of donated land or growing spaces located in each of the five boroughs. A portion of the harvest will be shared with local soup kitchens, and series of public programming, including urban farming panel discussions, art happenings, and cooking performances around the city are being planned. This is a personal journey exploring agricultural plant matter and wild edibles as sculptural material, community building through growing and cooking food, re-imagining land use, and re-incorporating agrarian sensibilities and simplicity into modern life.

Read more about this local harvest at Brooklyn Based and Inhabitat.

a philly in the white house garden

Just watched this great little vid (via elephant journal, via Huffington Post) featuring Ryan Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies and of course, Sam Kass, the White House Chef. What a great way to promote organic gardening and closing the loop with composting. Surely, Mr. Howard is someone many people look up to (literally). Keep spreading the word...