14 May 2009

introducing the first LEED-certified bowling alley in the US

[Not my shot: images via Brooklyn Bowl flickr page]

Manhattan has Chelsea Piers, Bowlmor, and the Port Authority bowling alley. But what about Brooklyn? The only bowling alley I know of in Brooklyn is Melody Lanes in Sunset Park, and the miniscule lane or two at Brownstone Billiards in Park Slope. Until now - and this one will blow all of those other alleys out of the water. 

It's not open for business yet, but Williamsburg's Brooklyn Bowl looks like a great place to knock down some ten pins and a few pitchers of local beer. The great thing is, it's not just a fun spot to recreate with friends, it's also got eco cred.

Brooklyn Based got a sneak peek of the new bowling alley/music venue, and here are some of its sustainable features:
  • Salvaged Brooklyn Navy Yard windows that decorate the banquettes and tables fashioned from the former Woodhaven Lanes in Queens (by Ferra Designs)
  • A stage made from recycled truck tires
  • Salvaged or sustainably harvested wood throughout
  • ...plus many other green details that make Brooklyn Bowl the first LEED-certified bowling alley in the country
And if that's not enough, some more eco features (from their site):
  • 100% Wind-powered electricity
  • Pin-spotters use 75% less energy than a typical pin-spotter
  • No bottles, no cans. All our soft drinks and beers are on tap
  • Our 10 draught beers are all brewed locally in Brooklyn, New York
  • LED stage lights use 90% less energy than the typical draw
  • Energy Star Certification wherever possible
  • HVAC Johnson Controls are the most efficient units available
  • HVAC also features CO2 sensors, variable frequency drive motors, air-side economizers
  • Four “Big Ass Fans” brand ten-foot fans to augment HVAC system
  • 100% reclaimed cork floors in Bowler’s Lounge
  • 30+ capacity bike racks
  • 16 trees planted in and around property
All this from Peter Shapiro and Charley Ryan of Wetlands, an environmentally conscious music and activist venue.

I'm not a great bowler, but I can't wait until they open, just to check out the space.

Brooklyn Bowl * 61 Wythe Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211 * 718.963.3369