12 June 2008

before i go

No one will be home to watch Letterman or to update the Netflix queue. There won't be anyone looking for a late night snack in the fridge or listening to iTunes on the stereo. The only life stirring (very slowly) will be the plants, unless our little mouse friend returns in our absence.

So there are a few things we need to do before we leave for vacation:

  • Hold the mail
  • Stop the weekend paper
  • Unplug everything (powerstrips make this easier, at least until the whole house switch is available)
  • Eat all the perishables in the fridge (this can require careful planning)
  • Water the plants
  • Close the windows
  • Turn down the thermostat (in winter), turn off the A/C (in summer)
  • Give the keys to a responsible friend
Did I miss anything?

waste less

This is a great idea: no waste. One company out to rid the world of trash is TerraCycle. They're using your old cookie wrappers, soda bottles, drink pouches, etc. to package their plant food products. Check it out.

clotheshorse eco-conscience

You know the era of conspicuous consumption is at risk of collapse when even the well-to-do are trawling consignment shops, albeit for designer goods. Here, Ruth La Ferla of the NY Times profiles the current prosperity of second-hand boutiques, such as Ina in NYC, and the fall of full-price fashion.