18 November 2008

rain (and trash) down the drain

Writing from Sydney, Australia
(9:43am Sydney, 5:43pm NYC)

It's raining here in Sydney, which means that the oceans may be unfit for swimming for the next day or so. Like in other coastal cities (NY, LA), heavy rains wash all the trash from the streets into rain gutters and out to sea. Another reason to give a hoot and not pollute.

more animals!

Writing from Sydney, Australia
(9:12pm Sydney, 5:12am NYC)

It's been quite an animal extravaganza for me in Australia. Flying foxes, various exotic birds, baby farm animals, and just yesterday, I got to pet a koala and feed a kangaroo.

As part of an Eco Adventure tour (Dal Myles Tours), I got to visit Featherdale Wildlife Park where they boast one the most diverse private collections of Australian native wildlife. Since I was on a larger tour, I only got to spend an hour at the park. I think I could have spent the entire day.

Here are a few of the animals I saw on my visit. Unfortunately, my memory card or reader is on the fritz so I couldn't download the rest of the photos, including pics of the Blue Mountains. Hopefully I can get that sorted out when I get home.

Hey fat wombat!

Soft and cuddly... and potentially dangerous

A roo eats out of my hand...

...and holds hands with this woman

Yes, there are penguins in Australia. Africa, too.

Some of the animals on the other memory card: albino wallaby, crocodile, various birds (including a white peacock), and a tasmanian devil. I've got to get those pictures!