18 June 2009

wink eco beauty bar

I'm a pretty low-maintenance lady. I only wear makeup maybe twice a year, have very few products in my daily beauty regimen, and keep my nails au naturale. So these days, because it's sort of a special occasion for me to get a manicure and pedicure, I'm particular about where I have this service performed.

Luckily for me, I live right near a new eco-friendly beauty salon - Wink. I noticed their sign a few months ago, and had been waiting for an opportunity to check them out. Enter this weekend's wedding.

My friend and I got there for our appointments right when they opened at 11 am, despite the pouring rain (blech!). We picked from the selection of DBP-, touluene-, and formaldehyde-free nail colors on the wall and headed over to the cushy chairs for the pedicure. All of the products used at Wink Beauty Bar are sans parabens, phthalates and other nasty chems.

After the pedicure we enjoyed a manicure at the bar that's covered in AFM Safecoat non-toxic finish. Wink offers other services, like massage, body scrubs, makeup, and waxing, all with earth-friendly ingredients.

I highly recommend Wink for their friendly and professional service, comfortable environs, and of course, green products and practices.

W!NK eco beauty bar
602 Vanderbilt Avenue

(St. Mark's Ave & Prospect Pl)

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn 11238


Don't live near Wink? Check out this post about less toxic (no nail polish is really non-toxic) options for painting those toe- and finger-tips, plus a few additions: