03 June 2008

what's that smell?

Oh, it's me. I switched to deodorant that doesn't contain all the baddies (chiefly: aluminum, a heavy metal that's absorbed through the skin and has been linked to Alzheimer's, though this is a controversial point). And usually, the Weleda deodorant spray I use works. Really. But I recently changed from the Rose scented version to the Citrus. Old rosey was more reliable. Which is sad because I wanted a fresh citrus scent for summer. Guess I'll just have to carry it around with me all day and reapply. Or just deal with my own natural scent.

The fragrance,
my friend, that floats
to you this moment
streams from the tent
of the secrets of God.
You can get Weleda Deodorant Spray here:
Weleda's own site

PS. My man wears the sage-scented version and it smells pretty good. And he doesn't stink at all.

kaight is great

There was a time when if you said to someone that a clothing item was made of sustainable fabric you'd either get a blank stare or they'd imagine a burlap-like sack made of hemp. This, thankfully, is no longer the case.

One of my favorite places to shop for great-looking clothes made of sustainable materials is Kaight. The sort-of-eponymous shop owner, Kate, is so friendly and helpful. And she's got great taste in clothing. I get my haircut in the neighborhood and can't resist stopping there on my way home. I'm the type who, as you may have gathered, prefers buying a small number of quality goods over piles of whatever is the latest and cheapest trend. So here are a few of the items I've brought home with me from Kaight (most of them, on sale):

Prairie Underground organic cotton dress (above left, in periwinkle, not cranberry)
Viridis Luxe bamboo dress (above right, in black, not yellow)
Linda Loudermilk silk tuxedo dress
John Patrick Organic cashmere sweater dress

I also got a pair of black organic cotton leggings from Jaime Pressly's (yes the same from My Name Is Earl) clothing line J'aime.

If you're lucky enough to be in NYC to visit the shop, it's at 83 Orchard St (btwn Grand and Broome). If not, you can get a taste online.