18 July 2008

bees knees (and elbows, and hands, and...)

Before I started paying attention to what was in everything I consume, I would just use lotion that at the very least claimed to be cruelty free. But these days, that's not enough. Going forth with the motto "better safe than sorry" I eschew products that have any suspicious ingredients -- like sodium laureth/laurel sulfate, parabens, petroleum-based glycerin, etc.

There are two products I switch between to keep my skin good and moisturized sans chemicals: Beeceuticals Honey Thyme Lotion and Burt's Bees Honey and Orange Wax Lotion. Both of them are contained in fully recyclable #2 plastic, and both support bees -- a species integral to the production of the world's food supply. But I do prefer Beeceuticals over Burt's Bees for a few reasons: better scent, lack of ambiguous "fragrance" ingredient, and texture.

Beeceuticals Honey Thyme Lotion

  • Goes on smoothly, not greasy at all
  • Subtly sweet citrus scent
  • Contains certified organic ingredients
  • Supports fair-trade practices

Burt's Bees Honey and Orange Wax Lotion
  • Not greasy, but can be a little tacky
  • Neutral honey/orangy scent
  • Leaves skin feeling softly smooth

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