22 July 2008

the joy of almonds

They're very low in cholesterol, a good source of protein and fiber, and tasty to boot. Slivered, sliced, toasted, salted, delicious and good for you. But do you know about the other wonderful ways to enjoy almonds?

almond milk
A good substitute for cow's milk or soy milk, almond milk is sweet, creamy, and lower in calories than its counterparts. It's a good source of vitamin E and a handful of beneficial minerals. It also has a smooth texture, as compared to soy or rice milk.
You can buy it pre-made (chocolate, vanilla, or plain), or make your own (I just love the use of "nut bag" in this recipe).

almond butter
More nutritious than peanut butter with less fat, too. I like it unsweetened, it's just naturally yummy. Again, you can buy it already made, make your own, or get one from one of those fancy grind-it-yourself nut butter machines (there's one at our Fairway in Red Hook, Bklyn).

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