07 August 2008

evo: a great source for everything eco

Lately, my short-term memory has been a little fried. This is especially true when I'm surfing the interweb -- I often can't remember how I got to a particular site or page. On most occasions, I'm looking for sustainable ideas, news, products, etc., so you'd think it would be easy to retrace my steps. Not so -- believe it or not there are a multitude of resources out there for the environmentally conscious.

One great resource I stumbled upon is evo. It's a comprehensive and customizable source for all things eco-friendly. They've got this fun tool for customizing the site: you answer survey questions about your daily habits (I'm a sucker for surveys), then as you answer questions a virtual tree grows more and more leaves. That is, of course, if your habits are green leaning. Once you're finished with your tree, evo gives you suggestions on how you can live even more sustainably, based on the questions you answered in the survey.

If you're not into surveys or customizing the site, you can just browse for products and tips through the various categories. From clothing to travel, they've rated over 2 million products.

Try evo out here.

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