14 August 2008

why is this man holding a purse?

Funny, it doesn't look like a murse. Maybe he's holding it for his girlfriend. Oh, wait, I get it, power and technology are manly and women like purses and burly man muscles.

Despite this odd choice in marketing, the Power Purse is a great idea.

Portable solar power isn't just for the guys anymore. Like the Reware Juice Bag or Voltaic Systems Bags, the Power Purse lets you charge mobile phones and other small devices on the go. Features of the purse include: internal female port for charging, charging status indicator, clear acrylic handles, and lightweight flexible construction. Plus the bag stores a charge for later use.

The Power Purse is set to launch this fall.

[Solarjo via Fibre2Fashion and Crunch Gear]

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