11 September 2008

great remake

I'm always trying to find new uses for trash. I've made cereal boxes into magazine racks. And I've got a pile of plastic from food packaging and coffee top lids that I'm looking to repurpose.

Well, now there's a place that can help me do just that. RePlayGround knows how to give garbage a new life, and they'll show you how, too.

With RePlayGround's help bottlecaps become magnets, old glasses become picture frames, and umbrellas become skirts. They'll even come to your birthday party or other special event for on-site, hands-on trash transformations. Plus they've got kits and project books to make it easy for anyone to make lamps, transform clothing, or turn garbage into games.

They also take on design projects for companies -- just give 'em your office trash and they'll make some great gift-worthy items for employees or clients.

See how it's done:

Find out if any stores near you sell their remade stuff.

[RePlayGround via Ideal Bite]

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