16 September 2008

greenwash hogwash

Eco-buyer Beware! is the title of a Time magazine article about all the greenwashing that's happening these days now that the sustainable lifestyle has hit primetime. The fear is that all of the illegitimate claims are not only going make it difficult for consumers to determine who is telling the truth, but the frustration that comes with it will bring down the whole green movement.

An excerpt:

If you're not yet sick of seeing whirling wind turbines and sun-dappled solar panels on TV, you will be: the new fall season is likely to feature a flood of green advertising. It's gotten so bad that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been holding hearings over the past year to define the difference between genuine environmental claims and empty greenwash. It's not easy--and environmental advocates worry that truly green companies could get lost in all the clamor.

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[Image: Erik++ via Treehugger]

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