03 October 2008

caps off to aveda

Did you know that the caps of plastic bottles are not recyclable? When you're tossing your #1 or #2 plastics in the recycling bin, those little plastic caps are supposed to go in the trash, because their plastic composition is usually mixed or unknown.

We probably all know by now that there's more plastic than plankton in parts of the Pacific (and elsewhere). So instead of adding to the problem, now, thanks to Aveda, we can be part of the solution. You can bring your caps to an Aveda store or mail them in. Get the full scoop here.

[via EcoSalon]


NaturalBornJuicersNYC said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I never know what to do with all the caps to things. I will definitely be taking all my plastic caps to Aveda from now on and extra plus to all that is getting to shop and smell all the Aveda yumminess! BTW. Aveda eyeshadow is the best ever in case anyone was wondering. It ROCKS!

Liz said...

I was excited to learn about this myself! Most people don't know that caps aren't recyclable.

Aveda is great, but not all of their products are completely worry free. I used to use their sensitive skin care line until I read the label. Those products have parabens in them, a known skin irritant!

Unfortunately, you still have to read labels, even for environmentally responsible companies like Aveda.