07 October 2008

happy re-birthday prospect park zoo!

Prospect Park Zoo is celebrating its 15th birthday this year, but its history is pretty rich. It started as a menagerie in the late 1800s, housing various animals, probably not in the most humane way.

[Image: Prospect Park, Menagerie c.1900]

In 1935, following the Central Park Zoo's example, it reopened as a zoo.

Sadly, the Prospect Park Zoo closed in 1987 after a tragic incident.

The zoo reopened in 1993 under the management of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and has been thriving ever since. I'm lucky enough to have the zoo right in my backyard (well, close enough).

So the zoo is celebrating their birthday in some unique ways. Like giving presents to baboons. Maybe it's a bit ridiculous to give baboons gifts, but they seem mildly entertained. (This video is from last year, but the same shenanigans went on this year for the zoo's birthday.)

Read more about the 15th birthday here.

Visit the Prospect Park Zoo.

Become a member of the WCS and enjoy access to all of the city's zoos and aquarium, and more!


Sara said...

It is not often you hear about a Zoo having a birthday. Most people just think they have always been there and will always be there. Happy Birthday Prospect Park Zoo!

Liz said...

What I like about it is that they're celebrating the 15 good years they've had under the guise of the Wildlife Conservation Society. Happy Birthday, indeed!