26 November 2008

happy thanksgiving!

Make it an eco turkey day with tips from:


cristele said...

so I've heard that this thanksgiving with native americans was untrue and that's not how thanksgiving started? That it was purely politic? Is it true?

Liz said...

I've read the same things. It has become a myth that we celebrate every year. I don't know what the real story is, but I'm sure the story we've come to know was created for political purpose.

Like many other holidays throughout history, the meaning has changed and the original intentions were lost. Christmas and Easter fall on the calendar where there were once pagan holidays. The Christmas tree and Easter bunny (and eggs) are pagan symbols.

I think what matters is that we find our own meaning in these holidays. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to officially give thanks and be with our families. Of course, we should remember to be thankful everyday!