21 December 2008


THE WINNER IS... Andee! Congratulations!

Tell me why climate change matters and you'll be entered to win 2 tickets to the new Polar Ice Rink at the American Museum of Natural History!

Why does climate change matter to you?
Are you worried about the future of arctic wildlife, like polar bears? Afraid of major floods, storms, and other climate-related catastrophes? Freaked out by early spring blooms and oddly warm winter days? Add a comment to this post (see details below) and you'll be entered to win a spin around the rink for you and a friend.

A visit to the Polar Ice Rink is a festive holiday treat, even if you aren't the lucky winner...

The Polar Rink

Come enjoy the American Museum of Natural History's new state-of-the-art skating rink made from a recyclable synthetic surface, now open through March 1, 2009. Located on the Arthur Ross Terrace on the Museum's north side, The Polar Rink offers magnificent views of the glowing Rose Center for Earth and Space and is surrounded by Theodore Roosevelt Park. Skaters will glide around a 17-foot-tall polar bear festooned with pine boughs and twinkling lights.

Non-skaters will enjoy the splendor of The Polar Rink from surrounding benches on the Terrace under trees adorned with lights, or from the glassed-in North Galleria adjacent to the rink, where hot cocoa and snacks are served.

The ol' rules and regs
1. Entry deadline: Friday, December 19, 2008. Midnight.
2. Entrants will be chosen at random this Saturday, December 20, 2008.
3. The winner will be announced right here on this post on Saturday, December 20, 2008.
4. One entry per person.
5. To enter: Post your response to the question, "Why does climate change matter to you?" to this post and email your name, email, and response to this email.
6. Prize collection details to follow.


kami said...

Preventing climate change matters to me because... I want my children to experience the earth's beautiful animals and not have them become extinct! Who are we to allow that to happen?

Kami Fuhrman

Andee said...

The issue of climate change is important to me because I'm concerned about the future of our planet -animals and plants. I do find it strange and scary that in the past 24 hours I've experienced 60 degree breezy spring air, rain, ice and snow. The swings are just terrifying and I want to minimize my impact on this issue.

Anne said...

I want the world and all of its inhabitants to enjoy a life unencumbered by human activity. Our planet provides everything we need for life: air, water, food. I think that living gently on Earth is the very least we can do for one another.

Jesse said...

Climate change to me means both fearful worry and hope. It is something that causes separation between citizens and government, and opposing views between family and friends. But with all the new advances and surfacing ideas, it is also is bringing people together with an energy of individual awareness that can create positive change spread throughout the whole world. Instead of being overwhelmed by the idea of the big picture of the negative future of the planet, a little positive action from each one of us every day can make the future a healthy green planet. This blog is a perfect example of that!