05 January 2009

your right to be beautiful

The dry air of the winter months saps my already combination skin of all its moisture. So a couple of weeks ago I thought it was time to up the ante on my facial moisturizer. I was all set to get some delicious product from suki-- one of the best earth-friendly beauty care regimens out there. But when I got to the shop (Organic Avenue on the LES) the saleswoman led me astray.

I'd seen this product before on their shelves and didn't even think twice about buying it. When you get a look at the super-kitschy packaging you'll understand why:

Yep, that's it -- Your Right To Be Beautiful. Reminds of those Pearl Cream ads from the early 80s. But she told me to ignore the packaging, the stuff really works. I tested a bit and was sold. Light yet really creamy with the not-too-overwhelming sweet scent of coconut and almond. Even my boyfriend approved (and he hates scented products). And I read the ingredients -- no petroleum, no parabens, none of the bad stuff, just nourishing plant derived oils and extracts.

Turns out the woman who created the stuff, Tonya Zavasta, is the one whose face graces the box. And it also happens that she's built a little raw food empire for herself. I'd say it's working out for her. She's nearly 50 and looks pretty comfortable in camel pose.

Learn more about Tonya's methods for staying healthy and beautiful at any age.

Your Right to Be Beautiful: How to Halt the Train of Aging and Meet the Most Beautiful You by Tonya Zavasta

Or visit her site, Beautiful on Raw.

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