17 April 2009

pier observations

Two boys kiss
Muscleheads sun
Dogs get relief

Girl sips lemonade
Strollers align
Moms picnic on the lawn

A pick-up spot
A tanning salon
A dog run
A lunchtime refuge
A gym

A place for watching
A place to rest your eyes
A place for grass to grow

Sparrows perched under the bench
They see that I see them,
They flee

Hello sea gull
Hello water fowl

JC to the west
HH to the east
WTC was south
Chopper overhead

Tip of the ESB over my shoulder

A plane descends for Newark
Sky meets land

Bicycles, rollerblades, scooters
Sailboats, ferries, yachts
Man-made land meets river meets sea

Men in skirts or no shirts
Tank tops, flip flops, boots, coats
Winter meets summer

Labs, poms, mutts, a Chinese crested
Tourists, locals, straight, and gay

All colors and stripes meet here
At Christopher Street Pier

(Not my shot... image via NewYorkDailyPhoto)

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