16 June 2009

rally for bees, please!

By now most people know that we need bees in order to have healthy food crops. Not to mention that bees produce a delicious sweetener with health benefits called honey.

But did you know that beekeeping is illegal in NYC?

Help legalize the bees by taking action.

Come to the rally at City Hall on June 23!

A Notice of Violation for having honeybees was issued on May 20 to a backyard beekeeper in Brooklyn by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, whose health code renders beekeeping illegal in NYC. The beekeeper's hearing will be on June 23rd, let's send a strong message of support for her and other brave beekeepers in NYC, and tell City Council and the Department of Health to take immediate action to end the illegality of beekeeping in NYC!

When: Tuesday, June 23th at 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM


  • Press conference & rally with beekeepers, bee supporters, and David Yassky and other Council Members will be held at City Hall steps at 12:30
  • Beekeeper Citation Hearing will be at NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene's Administrative Tribunal, 66 John Street, 11th Floor at 1:30
Please RSVP with subject line "bee rally" to nadia@justfood.org.

Sign the petition to legalize beekeeping

It's easy, just click here!

[via Just Food]

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Robert Campbell said...

I'm glad to see Yankees are as concerned as we are here in Canada about the declining honeybee populations. My dad writes about the true FACTS of the situation from a commercial beekeeper's perspective in his Campbells Honey Blog.