28 August 2009

now see this! crude, sweet crude

We all know by now that petroleum is poison and that it's time to move on to cleaner & more ethical forms of fuel, right? Well, I guess not everyone is getting the message, including of course the oil companies themselves. Two films expose the dirty, unjust, and plain despicable practices of big oil. Check out the trailers and reviews below:


Coming to IFC Center Soon (9/9/09)
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The Official Site

Read a review of Crude [AlterNet]

Sweet Crude

The Official Site

Read a review of Sweet Crude [Variety]

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Anonymous said...

i just dont understand the contempt that so many have for a precious resource that ultimately is responsible for the truly great strides that we've made technologically including the infrastructure that enables you to write a blog. It is just mind boggling. I'm all for conserving and recycling and being a better steward to the environment but god help us when crude oil production falls off a cliff and we're living in the stone ages again.