04 September 2009

are we living in the age of stupid?

I'm inclined to say yes. And I'd like to confirm my suspicions by watching this:

The Age of Stupid Global Premiere Trailer from Age of Stupid on Vimeo.

This isn't just a film about climate change and what could happen if the most severe predictions come to fruition. It's also a global call to action (before the film even launches). I think director Franny Armstrong and the producers learned from the anti-climactic, uninspiring suggestions at the end of An Inconvenient Truth for individual energy consumption reduction.* Of course, I think each of us is responsible for our ecological actions, but something as big as climate change requires the attention and concerted effort of policy makers around the world. And the film's release just happens to coincide with the UN General Assembly's climate session.

*Not to discount Gore's own current efforts to thwart climate change.

Want to see what the world might look like if our climate nightmares come true? The Age of Stupid premieres September 21/22.

Find out where it's playing.

Find out what you can do to help.


Anonymous said...

would imagine you rode your bicycle or at the very least figured out how to take a train to yellowstone if you really feel this strongly about climate change and mans contribution to it.

Liz said...

Good point!

While I didn't do anything as virtuous as riding my bicycle 2,200 miles, I did purchase carbon offsets for the flight carbonfund.org. Their program funds projects to improve energy efficiency, invest in renewable forms of energy, and reforest denuded lands.

You can learn more about Carbonfund here.

Anonymous said...

im well aware of carbon offset credits... its just that i find your use of it somewhat suspect. the truth is you want to visit and experience the beauty that this country/earth has to offer and want to travel far and wide to do it. problem is it conflicts with your mission and you dont want to come off as a hypocrite to your readers or yourself so you grasp at anything to rationalize your burning of hydrocarbons.

the world you want, or so you say, in which we buy/eat local and stop using the poison crude oil will never include 2200 mile vacations.

btw i hope this doesnt come off as an attack....its just that we're not going to stop global warming. these carbon offsets will help fund alternative energy but it most certainly will not stop us from burning fossil fuels. the world is growing and third world countries want what we have and that means our thirst for hydrocarbons will never cease.

the good news or at least it should be to you is peak oil....should be every environmentalists dream!....just dont know how we're going to feed our citizens when that happens.

love ur website btw...good pix and info on gardening, etc...

Liz said...

I couldn't agree more. I'm well aware of the hypocrisy I portray. Not many people are completely free of flaws and vices. Air travel happens to be one of mine (about once per year).

I'm glad I have critical and educated readers such as yourself to create this discourse. Otherwise, it'd be a very boring experience! ;)

Thanks for your feedback. I hope we can continue the conversation on future posts.