10 November 2009

permaculture design certification in nyc

Learn with the permaculturist who taught me...

Permaculture Design Certification in NYC
with Andrew Faust

March to June 2010
11 weekend sessions 9am to 5pm

Permaculture provides positive solutions for the social and ecological issues of today. Come be inspired by one of the leading visionaries in Permaculture Design and prepare to transform your world!

Enroll Early! Before March 1st $1000. After March 1st $1200.

Information/Registration, email Andrew@HomeBiome.com

Check out the website for more classes www.HomeBiome.com


aviadg said...

Does he do webinars on the web too?

Liz said...

Not that I'm aware of. You can email him to find out!

aviadg said...

Thank you

Dorothy Rimson said...

@Liz- What's the email I.D?