06 June 2008

clearing up the fish fog

Trying to figure out which fish are okay to eat can be tricky. So many questions enter my mind when attempting to decide on the fish I'll consume. Does the fish I'm about to eat contain mercury? Is it overfished? Is there trawling involved, which damages the sea floor? Are other sea creatures getting unintentionally trapped in the nets?

One little tool which helps in the decision process is the handy Monterey Bay Aquarium fish card I carry around with me. On their Seafood Watch site, you can order a free pocket fish card of your own (or more for friends, if you'd like) or just print one out for your particular region. They break it down simply: Best Choices, Good Alternatives, and Avoid. If you're curious about a particular fish, you can also search their online database.

And if you're really curious, they're hosting a webcast next Friday, June 13th where they'll talk about how to cook and eat the fish that are sustainable and how you can be an advocate for our oceans.

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