06 June 2008

fair trade organic love

Chocolate is love. Am I wrong? I mean, scientists even say so. And has anyone ever read the book or seen the film Chocolat? (hello, Johnny Depp is in it!)

Chocolate is especially great if it has no baggage. When I get the craving, I try to reach for fair trade and organic chocolate -- like Green & Black's.

I just whipped up a batch of dark chocolate cupcakes, using the 70% dark variety of G&B's. It's my secret weapon for any chocolate fix. The recipe is at America's Test Kitchen (you have to sign up for the free newsletter to get it). And don't forget the dark chocolate butter cream icing. It's easy to make this whole recipe organic. Just swap out conventional ingredients like flour, sugar, and butter for organic.

You can get Green & Black's at your local supermarket, specialty store, or on Amazon.
And here are some more fair trade organic chocolates:
Endangered Species

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