08 April 2009

fried chicken, get away!

Some of my colleagues are eating fried chicken. It looks and smells awesome. If I sit near them drool might start dribbling down my chin. I might push it off the table onto the carpet in protest. So I'm just going to enjoy my Ginger Almond Nori Roll -- alone. It's awesome, just in a different way.

I deliberately eat more slowly than I normally would (and if you ask my friends, they'll tell you I'm already a very slow eater). The finite nature of the day's meals make me carefully consider how I eat. I pay attention to each bite and think about how it will sustain me until the next course.

It takes me over 40 minutes to eat 6 pieces of nori roll. Normally, it might take me 10.

A bit later... It has only been about 35 minutes since I ate lunch and I am hungry and light-headed. What's that about? I just want to make some lemon ginger tea, but don't know if that's off limits right now. Anything to make these feelings subside. I guess I'll go and get a cup of tasteless hot water.

Can't concentrate. I think it's from the lack of sleep for the past 3 nights. I could use a nap.

I've noticed that during the day, when I'm working, I feel like a whiny baby. Bouts of hunger, bouts of wooziness, lack of concentration. But as soon as I leave I am calm, almost catatonic in my composure. When I get home, there is nothing to complain about, I feel good. And I look back and wonder why I was a whiny baby all day. It's more than the fast that's making me feel this way. There is a lesson in here somewhere... Don't work! ;)

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