08 April 2009

let me clear things up...

I've received a couple of concerned calls about the last post. I just want to tell you all -- I am feeling fine! I guess I hit "publish post" without realizing that what I wrote sounded wan and desperate. Really, it's far from it. Right now, I am feeling fully satiated by the chocolate coconut macaroons I just ate. Feeling very full in fact.

(See, happy as a clam >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>)

It's like I said in the last post, during the day I feel a little whiny. There may be more than one reason for that: a) the fast seems the most obvious, b) lack of sleep (my honey's away in LA), c) PMS (hate to get that personal, but hey, dems da breaks), d) I haven't gone to Bikram in over a week.

At night, I feel great. Relaxed, at peace, what have you. Everything's hunky dory.

Okay, just wanted to clear that up.

Enjoy the evening!

PS, this is all about the fast, read more if you don't know what the hay I'm talkin' 'bout (or just scroll down and you'll get the picture).

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