06 July 2008

the dr is in

Dr. Hauschka makes some really great stuff. One of the key ingredients that makes their products so great is not really an ingredient at all: quality packaging. According to Dr. Hauschka,

Our Eco-conscious packaging and natural botanical preservatives help keeps products fresh without the use of chemical additives. In this way, we're able to maintain the vitality of our Biodynamic and organic plant ingredients, delivering their nurturing, supportive qualities directly to you.
Plus much of their ingredients are organic or biodynamic, the products don't contain parabens, and there's no animal testing. These features have been part of the principles of the grower of their ingredients, WALA Heilmittel, for over 60 years.

I've used the Rose Day Cream (on the heavier side, making it better for winter) and Cleansing Milk (well worth the price, it lasts a long time). They now make a Rose Day Cream Light for warmer months. And Sunscreen Cream SPF 20 to protect yourself from the summer sun.

They also make a Deodorant which I'd like to try (see my other post about natural deodorant here).

Not ready to commit to any specific products? Try the Daily Face Care Kit, a sampler of products small enough to pack away in carry-on luggage.

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